Let’s Eliminate the Hidden Blocks
That Are Keeping You Stuck.

Because Girl,
You Deserve to Be Happy.

The world has changed in ways we couldn’t have imagined even a year ago.

How are you navigating this unusual time?

Using HypnoFit® Hypnotherapy, which is as gentle and natural as daydreaming, I’m here to help you …

  • Heal the fear that’s stopping you from pursuing your deepest calling.
  • Heal the anxiety that’s blocking you from growing your business — and your income.
  • Heal the pain of trying to fix relationships that tear you down.
  • Heal the insecurity you feel about your future because you don’t know how to make the changes that’ll give you unshakeable confidence.

I am here to help you feel the way you already are underneath those old emotions, blocks and beliefs …

Worthy, wise and free. 



Sharon Desjarlais Jackman, CHt, BLSRt 
Owner of the First HypnoFit® Licensed Clinic
in North America

Step 2:
Decide If HypnoFit®
Is the Right Fit for You

Step 3:
Step Into a New Level
of Peace and Empowerment 

“I came to Sharon feeling overwhelmed, unsupported and emotionally stuck. I needed to find my mojo again.

I knew I was holding myself back. But I didn’t know what to do to get the results I wanted in my life or my business. 

After working together I feel fan-freakin-tastic! She helped me dissolve my blocks, heal my wounds at the source, and align with my highest truth. 

Now I’m wholly embodying my calling as a Medical Intuitive and Doctor of Traditional East Asian Medicine. And my confidence is off the charts.

I’m certain of who I am and what I offer. And I feel humble and grateful to have received such beautiful guidance.”

Sandra Curry, LAc

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